Taking a day at the spa can be very relaxing and enjoyable. When visiting a spa you are given a lot of different services to pick from.  As you explore your options here are some of the more popular.


When thinking about getting a facial norfolk va you will want to know how it will benefit you.  First of all a facial will help draw out the grease, oil, dirt and grim from your skin.  The facial will also help you to remove dead skin and will make your complexion shinny and new.  After a facial you will want to stay out of the sun or at least direct sunlight for a day or so.  Wash your face gently and don’t use harsh chemicals or makeup.


A massage is the next service most popular at a sap.  When we get a massage, we are pushing and pulling on the body breaking up dead tissues and encouraging blood flow.  When we have a massage, it helps relax people and reduces stress.

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Steam Rooms

Steam Rooms are popular at spas as well.  In these rooms you are placed into a room with is superheated and uses water to generate steam.  This steam will help induce the body to generate sweat.  The sweat will help draw out toxins from the body and will help with relaxation.  It is important that you don’t stay too long in a steam room since it can cause issues with prolonged exposure.

Take a friend

When going to a spa consider taking a friend.  With a friend it can be an even more enjoyable experience than going alone.  You want to really plan your trip and build up the anticipation to the event.  No matter what you do, have fun, reduce stress and start anew.